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Ms. Makorra

Created by a fangirl, a Makorra addict who goes by the name of Ms. Makorra. I hope you enjoy! I also just put random junk on here, so be prepared.


Once a ctfxcer always a ctfxcer.

It’s in these crappy moments (of which there have been a few recently), the CTFxC community just shines like no other community and it just makes me so incredibly fucking proud to be part of it.
There’s just so much support and understanding and love, not just for Charles and Alli, but for everybody who needs it. There are some truly amazing people here and this loving community that Charles and Alli have fostered will be their legacy, and whatever paths they decide to go and whatever obstacles life throws their way, the CTFxC will always endure and be there for eachother and for both of them and that’s something they can both be insanely proud of. Saying thank you for having such a positive impact on so many of our lives, inspiring so many of us with their relationship and bringing us all together in this community is something that all 1million+ of us can’t do. 
Their gift to us has been sharing their lives so openly, entertaining us every day with their positive energy and creating this wonderful community that brings us together. The least we can do is in return, to respect, love, understand and support them in their choices and their future lives. I know we can do that and give some of that positive energy they’ve given to us every day back to them!

It pisses me off so much that there are so many hateful CTFxCers. You realize that what you’re doing it making it harder for Charles & Alli in this already extremely difficult time? 
Datev deserves none of the hate she’s getting, all she’s doing it taking care of Alli & being the best friend she needs right now.
Just grow the fuck up and stop with the bullshit!